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Looking Ahead
The Industry's Most Transparent Economic Modeling Tool

In today's challenging environment, your ability to clearly see an evolving landscape, assess options and make proactive risk and capital management decisions will set you apart from competitors. Guy Carpenter's MetaRisk® provides that risk intelligence – the right information, quickly, easily, accurately and clearly – giving you the confidence to choose the best course.

Built for tomorrow by today's leading experts
As the industry's most transparent risk and capital decision tool, MetaRisk gives you the power to see, understand and interact with the drivers of risk. Unlike the black box tools that dominate the marketplace, MetaRisk delivers clearer and deeper insights to help you grow the value of your business.

MR logoMetaRisk is a truly integrated model that delivers comprehensive underwriting, reserve, catastrophe, credit and investment risk capabilities and enables users to meet the rigorous demands of Enterprise Risk Management and impending Solvency II requirements. Easy to use and easy to understand, the platform eliminates the decision-hesitation that accompanies black box blind spots, so you can make business-critical decisions with confidence.

MetaRisk empowers users to:
  • Understand both systemic and unique risk sources
  • Reflect correlations among assets and liabilities
  • Monitor earnings volatility
  • Allocate capital and the cost of reinsurance
  • Quantify overall capital adequacy
  • Evaluate alternative strategies
  • See the results with full multi-year financial statements

Go blind. Or see clearly.
For a more complete overview of MetaRisk, please visit MetaRisk.info

If you'd like further information, or if you have a specific question, please let us know or contact one of the following MetaRisk specialists:

Paul Silberbush
Americas & Bermuda

Victoria Jenkins
UK & Middle East

Eddy Vanbeneden
Continental Europe

Christian Schirmer

Steve White
Chief Actuary

Don Mango
Head of Global Advisory

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